Alcohol Rehab

Treasure Valley Recovery offers compassionate, evidence-based inpatient alcohol rehab at our comfortable, relaxing facility in Nampa, Idaho.

The best alcohol rehab centers are those that address each person’s individual needs and challenges. And that is exactly how we approach alcohol recovery. We focus equally on mind, body and spirit, tailoring our programs to your unique needs as well as your cultural and spiritual preferences.

Our residential alcohol rehab programs will restore hope and provide the tools you need to transition back into your life with confidence and a renewed purpose in life.

Alcohol Recovery Is Within Your Reach

alcoholic walking through nature for addiction rehab

If you have tried to overcome alcohol abuse on your own without success, you may be tempted to abandon your hope for ever breaking this destructive cycle.

The compassionate clinical team at Treasure Valley Recovery urges you to never give up hope. In fact, successful recovery can be as close as a phone call. Making a major life change can be terrifying but it is natural to be afraid, especially when you’ve managed to get through so many life challenges by have a few drinks.

We provide the skills you need to cope with life – and to rise above even the most significant challenges – without feeling the need to turn to alcohol.

Personalized Alcoholism Treatment

Trauma, mental illness and other factors exert a powerful influence over substance abuse and addiction. You don’t drink to excess because you’re weak, but because you have a legitimate illness that can be treated in a variety of safe, successful ways.

We design your treatment plan to meet your specific needs, challenges and objectives. We conduct a clinical evaluation to determine which, if any, mental illnesses influence your behavior patterns.

We use a combination of group and individual therapy. Experiential and equine therapies are particularly effective when dealing with substance abuse issues and alcohol dependence. We also use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other proven modalities to address the underlying causes of addiction. This approach, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms, allows residents to emerge confident and strong, ready to begin a healthier, happier life free from addiction.

Nampa, Idaho Inpatient Alcohol Rehab & Recovery

Sometimes treating alcoholism requires more than attending meetings or going to weekly counseling sessions. Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation takes you away from the outside influences and daily routines that keep you mired in the trap of alcohol addiction and abuse.

At Treasure Valley Recovery, our dual diagnosis approach helps identify and address the underlying factors that keep you trapped in the destructive cycle of alcoholism. Our licensed and experienced clinicians understand that, for most people, it is impossible to change destructive behavior patterns using sheer willpower alone.

Our programs are designed to help you understand how you got to this place and give you the tools, not only to recover, but to live a happy, fulfilled life free on your own terms. Contact us today to learn more about our effective and affordable alcohol rehab program in Nampa, Idaho.

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