Drug Rehab

Treasure Valley Recovery provides accredited drug rehab programs at our Nampa, Idaho inpatient addiction recovery center.

Our evidence-based programs are designed to help residents shed the burden of addiction and reclaim a life of control and enduring sobriety. Because no two people come to a life of drug addiction the same way, our compassionate team works closely with each resident to uncover the experiences and conditions that fuel substance abuse and addiction.

Using a dual diagnosis approach, our licensed clinicians approach rehab through a holistic approach that considers the mind and body as well as the spirit. We tailor our programs to the spiritual and cultural needs and preferences of each resident, setting the stage for recovery and enduring future success.

Personalized Drug Addiction Recovery Programs

drug addict walking through nature for addiction rehab

The compassionate treatment team at Treasure Valley helps residents with a variety of drug addiction challenges. Whether you need rehab for weed, cocaine, heroin, meth or another substance, we design a treatment program personalized for your unique circumstances.

We also specialize in prescription drug rehab for opioids and painkillers, including fentanyl and oxy, and other addictive pharmaceuticals.

We use a combination of individual and group therapy, including experiential therapy, equine therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for treating drug addiction. We understand how to help you break the cycle of addiction in a way that empowers you and leads you back to your own strengths.

Treating Drug Addiction with a Dual Diagnosis Approach

Scientific research overwhelmingly supports a dual diagnosis approach for drug rehab. Substance abuse and addiction do not form or perpetuate in a vacuum and, for most addicted individuals, mental illness co-exists with drug problems.

Whether mental illness – including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and others – was the catalyst for your addiction or developed as a result of substance abuse doesn’t matter. What does matter is getting to the root of the problem through clinical evaluation and diagnosis.

Residents find great comfort in learning that they aren’t weak or broken; rather, they have a legitimate illness that requires and responds to treatment.

Helping People Reclaim Their Lives Through Inpatient Drug Rehab

If substance abuse and addiction have governed your life, it’s time to reclaim your independence and strength. You don’t have to live with addiction, nor do you have to fight this battle alone.

Treasure Valley Recovery provides alcohol and drug rehab at our peaceful, relaxed inpatient facility in Nampa, Idaho. If you are ready to finally shed the pain and burden of addiction, it’s important that you choose a drug treatment center that fits with your needs and your personal goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our inpatient drug rehab center and addiction recovery programs. Whether you or a loved one is fighting drug addiction, our compassionate team can answer your questions and provide the information you need to move forward. Don’t spend another day being the victimized by addiction. Contact Treasure Valley Recovery today for inpatient drug rehab assistance.

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